Saturday, August 31, 2013

And so it begins...

A new school year is upon us (as soon as this last, blessed long weekend comes to a reluctant and too quick end!) and most teachers can anticipate having that fitful, restless night before Tuesday morning's sunlight beckons us to face our fears. Apparently most teachers' biggest fear is not the students, the demands of administrators or parents, but teaching something new. And for me, this year is going to be all about what's new: a new school (that as of today still doesn't have working wifi, photocopiers, a chair for my desk or workroom), a new department head, and as a result, new expectations and new novels, plays and stories to teach. I've been spending my summer reading and preparing new lessons, while anticipating a first week full of interruptions, unpredictable schedules, students coming and going, and missing resources.

One of the first things I created was a "get to know you" type of assignment because I was tired of having students write me letters, even though what I learned about them and their abilities in the letters was very valuable. So I came up with this assignment, where students create the cover of their own autobiographies and then present them to the class:

Now I feel like I'm as ready as I can be, considering the circumstances. So as parents breath sighs of relief as their children go off to school, teachers brace themselves for the chaos that the beginning of the year inevitably brings. Now if only I could find a working photocopier!

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